Mindfire Mastery Events 

Mindfire Mastery Events

Free Masterclass

I reveal the exact step-by-step system my clients are using to absolutely eliminate overwhelm and stress, confidently navigate uncertainty, so they can accelerate income, team performance and impact, while still finding more time each day to enjoy the things they love, even in a crisis.

Mindfire Mastery Events

Positive Intelligence Plus Program (Online)

Starts weekly on Wednesdays for 7 weeks

Introductory Offer:  $995

The life-changing Positive Intelligence (PQ) 7 week program builds powerful new muscles in your brain from daily mental fitness.  You have flexibility to access videos and practices on demand with the exclusive App, and the added benefit of intimate group POD coaching in weekly sessions, which leads to 500% improvement in results.  With an investment of about 15 minutes per day, you will reap abundant benefits of positivity, resilience and improved relationships.

Mindfire Mastery Events

Balancing Next Level Leadership and Life (Online)

Thursday, October 14 – Thursday, December 2 (8 weeks)

Introductory Offer:  $4,997 retail $2,997

In our flagship Mindfire 8 week program, you will create clarity, discover your brilliant purpose and build rapid resilience, to stretch with confidence to the career and life of your dreams.  You will learn the key pillars to building positive and emotional intelligence, so you can flourish FAST to your ideal scenario, whether it’s leveling up to next level leadership or pivoting with purpose to a more meaningful next act.  Join us to achieve priceless confidence and learn how to balance your success and wellbeing, while amplifying your influence and happiness.  This course will include live group sessions each week, on demand modules, the positive intelligence personalized app, along with three individual one-on-one coaching sessions to drive rapid fire transformational results in 60 days.

Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment & Debrief Accelerator Package

Starting at $500

Unlock self-awareness.  Experience more satisfaction, energy and impact.  

The ELI Accelerator package covers the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment and the 90 minutes one-on-one debrief session which equates to three months of coaching.  You may purchase the ELI Accelerator on its own, or contact us to discuss an Executive Coaching relationship where the ELI Accelerator is included at the beginning of the relationship.

Together, we will look closely at where (and how) you’re investing your energy, and to what effect, so you can choose to access it more productively.  With this insight, you’ll be able to make a plan and adjust your priorities to increase your satisfaction and impact across your work and life.  These insights, combined with the power of coaching, can transform your relationships, confidence level, and leadership skills.

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