Keynotes & Workshops

Keynotes & Workshops

Resilient Leadership Training

Our leadership training for organizations includes both the Google born Search Inside Yourself (SIY) program and the Positive Intelligence (PQ) program, backed by extensive research in neuroscience and psychology.  Offered on-site and virtually in flexible, highly interactive formats, ranging from keynotes and ½ -day workshops to immersive experiences with our network of globally certified teachers.  Participants become more proficient in the empirically based skill sets of mindful emotional & positive intelligence, which are practical and accessible and provide immediately measurable and observable results.


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Corporate Leadership Trainer

Keynotes to Motivate and Inspire Growth

Interactive.  Dynamic.  Accessible.  

As a seasoned keynote speaker with extensive resilient leadership training, Stephanie’s online or in-person keynotes introduce a framework to ride the waves of change to bounce forward with positive emotional intelligence, so you can flourish as a top tier leader, team or organization.

Keynote topics include:  the Google born, Search Inside Yourself Keynote on mindful emotionally intelligent leadership, the Purposeful Resilience keynote based on Stephanie’s book, “Waking up on the Right Side of Wrong” or the Positive Intelligence keynote from the FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES AND WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLNG book of the same name.  

Leaders Can Transform and Achieve More of their Full Potential Across Relationships

Stephanie is an engaging, fun and skilled speaker and trainer. It is so clear when she presents that she not only deeply understands her content, but also deeply cares about making a difference for her clients and audiences.  I appreciated the mindfulness, emotional intelligence and other success tools to implement right away, but also felt calmer and more focused. 

Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP®

Abundance Activist® and New York Times bestselling author, Create Great

Workshops to Ignite Change on Purpose

Experiential.  Practical.  Actionable.


Delivered on-site or virtually, our interactive workshops help leaders excel through change, with robust resilient leadership training that leads to positive ripple effects throughout the organization.  We begin with a deep discovery session to uncover your specific challenges and goals, so we can tailor or design sessions around your cultural needs, specific KPIs and desired outcomes.  All content is backed by multi-disciplinary research in mindfulness, positive psychology and neuroscience.

Sampling of our workshops:

  • Four Keys to Brilliant Resilience
  • Search Inside Yourself Program
  • Positive Intelligence/Mind Fitness Training
  • Leading through Disruption
  • Building High Performance Teams without Burnout
  • Mindful Focus for Better Decisions
  • Whole Brain Leadership
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • The Power of Choice
  • Designing your Authentic Brand
  • Discovering and Aligning Vision, Values & Culture
  • Effective Teaming:  Mindful Communication & Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Difficult Conversations & Conflict Resolution
  • Persuasive Leadership
  • Cultivating Innovation through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Strategic Core Pivots
Corporate Leadership Trainer
Corporate Leadership Trainer
Corporate Leadership Trainer

Building Connection & Resilience Amid Uncertainty

Improve Empathy.  Eliminate Burnout.  Boost Performance.

During the pandemic, many organizations realized productivity didn’t suffer from remote working because their employees worked harder and longer.  Yet, without the same level of interpersonal connections, they experienced  much higher rates of burnout, which uncovered a gap in resilience leadership training.

Our Virtual workshops bring teams together from around the globe, with interactivity and small group breakout sessions to create stronger connections, build empathy and psychological safety – which research shows is the #1 ingredient of the best teams who succeed through change.


Teams saw Immediate Gains in Focus and Being Present in Work and Life 

Stephanie is an amazing facilitator and a masterful instructor who has walked in our shoes and is able to bring mindful leadership into our organization in a credible and accessible way. Our teams loved her delivery methods and received immediate gains to stay more focused, present and grounded in work and in life, with 100% saying they’d recommend the course to colleagues.

Char Bennington

Director, Employee Development, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Perfect Antidote to Today’s Troubling Times 

Stephanie can credibly and practically translate how to lead through transitions with progressive techniques that resonate - along with the science behind it. In our case, we had the added bonus of Stephanie having walked in our shoes and I appreciate and trust her. Her calming and consultative approach is the perfect antidote to today’s troubling times.

Pat Scanlon

Managing Director, Corporate Financial Group

Bridges the Gap between Business and Mindfulness with Instant Credibility 

Stephanie Klein is an incredible leadership coach, facilitator and consultant. She is unique in that she bridges the gap between business and mindfulness, allowing our students to see the applicability of mindfulness to their leadership practice, their wellbeing, and their careers. Her lived experience as a business leader, leadership coach, and mindfulness practitioner make her instantly credible, regardless of audience.

Carrie Lydon

Director, Student Wellness, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business