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You’ve taken personality tests… but now it’s time for an attitudinal assessment.

The Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) assessment is the proprietary, research-backed assessment tool that takes something abstract, like the way a person views the world, and turns it into something tangible—a metric that you can see and feel and even reevaluate in the future. 

You’re probably familiar with personality tests like Myers Briggs, DiSC, and Enneagram.

These valuable tools can help you understand your strengths, embrace your weaknesses, and discover how you can work to your full potential. In that way, they typically support a “work with what you have” approach to adapting your behavior and pursuing personal excellence.

The ELI, on the other hand, is an attitudinal assessment tool that captures how an individual currently perceives and approaches work and life.  It provides a multi-dimensional view as to how you currently view the world – when things are “normal” and under stressful circumstances (aka “a day in the life of an Executive”).  



With these new insights, clients have the opportunity to reshape their attitudes and worldview and transform who they are.  

Explore Greater Possibilities and Potential, even amid Stressful Times 

Energy Leadership™️ provides a view into your world, including your current perceptions and attitudes in “normal times” and stressful ones, and how they may be working for you or against you.

The Energy Leadership™️ Index (ELI) is a unique assessment for gaining valuable insights into what’s holding you back –– specifically highlighting how to break free and move forward with new choices and new results.

After completing your assessment, we have a debrief session on your results and discuss how you can apply the deep insights and takeaways toward navigating forward with confidence and momentum.

The assessment and debrief session kickstarts our relationships, equating to several months of coaching.  While we always begin any coaching relationship with the ELI, we will offer as a standalone session if the timing isn’t right for a coaching package.

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Discover the innovative concepts behind this powerful assessment. Catabolic vs Anabolic Energy

We complete an ELI assessment at the start of a coaching relationship, as it provides a huge springboard for us to uncover awareness around both conscious and unconscious beliefs that hold clients back from doing what they say they want to do.  The ELI saves us months of coaching and providing tangible, research-backed ROI data.

You’re probably very familiar with catabolic energy and don’t even know it.

The leader who’s always in a bad mood, who creates tension wherever they go? That’s catabolic energy in a nutshell. This energy of worry, frustration, and blame is ultimately destructive and if left unchecked, can create a depressing, toxic environment.

In contrast, anabolic energy is constructive and fuels creativity. Someone operating in the anabolic energy range has the ability to motivate and inspire others to do extraordinary things, influence positive outcomes, and create incredible change within every area of their life.

Each of the seven levels of energy has inherent advantages and disadvantages and can be consciously used to reach specific goals. It’s normal for us to cycle up and down levels all the time.  However, great leaders are more in control and at choice on how they use their energy to serve their goals and motivate others.

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Take the Assessment and Receive your Personalized Debrief Session..

Ignite your Optimal Impact  

Change the way you view the world, approach problems, and engage with others.

With the Energy Leadership assessment and personally-tailored debrief, you can look closely at where (and how) you’re investing your energy, and to what effect, so you can choose to access it more productively.  You can make a plan and adjust your priorities to increase your satisfaction and impact across your work and life. 

These insights, combined with the power of coaching, often boosts productivity, communication, and morale among employees. As an individual, you’re likely to see transformations in your relationships, confidence level, and leadership skills.

In essence, Energy Leadership will help you lead by example, with power, purpose, and passion.

How the Assessment Works

This simple online assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Once the results are in, we will guide you through a 60 minute 1:1 Energy Leadership Index debrief session, where you’ll . discover the percentage of each of the 7 energy levels that you typically experience under stress and also under “normal” conditions.

You’ll also discover your Average Resonating Level of Energy (A.R.L.), which represents the average of all your energy levels, under normal conditions and in reaction to stressful circumstances.You’ll gain insights into where (and how) you’re investing your energy and discover a clear, purposeful path to achieving your work and life goals with more productivity—and likely, a higher ARL too. 

Experience more satisfaction, energy and passion across your life.  

This Study shows that those with a higher ARLs are statistically more satisfied with all aspects of their lives, from relationships and personal freedom to communication skills, leadership ability and financial success.

Powerful Breakthroughs with ELI Assessment on Obstacles I Couldn't Budge for Years

The work and tools Stephanie led me through, such as the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment, were powerful in application and woke me to a new place of understanding about the obstacles I felt in my life but couldn't seem to budge - no matter how hard I tried or how many years passed. Stephanie is warm, deeply insightful, and result-focused. Anyone who feels they need help seeing where they are stuck, how to lead others and how to reach personal goals must absolutely meet with Stephanie Klein. 

Kate Mueth

Founder and Artistic Director, Neo-Political Cowgirls

Found Coaching Productive for Digging into Issues, so I can Acclerate Powerfully 

I transitioned careers 5 years ago, and my lifestyle has pivoted so quickly that I am now focused on how powerful the next 5 years can be with the right guidance. With success comes struggle, and I found coaching to feel more productive than therapy sessions in getting to the root of the issue and tackling big topics (money, leadership, work/life balance) with a thoughtful and holistic approach.

Camille Canales

Founder of Canales Group, Compass Real Estate

Eliminated Stress from Transitions, Now Following my Passion and Building my Business 

Stephanie is an excellent coach! I gained great insights during our sessions because of the way she held space for me, listened and asked inspiring questions. I have been going through some major transitions over the last 2 years, and by exploring my energy around them, I became aware of my old patterns of beliefs and behaviors that were getting in my way.  I realized I could make different choices in my life which released a whole new level of constructive energy for me, so I could follow my passion and build my business.  

Heidy Knol

Life and Leadership Coach

Gained Clarity and Confidence while Pivoting Career 

Stephanie's coaching has helped me gain clarity and confidence at this critical time of pivoting my career.  Her compassionate guidance and practical tools have given me what I need to create an actionable plan in synergy with my core values.

Martha Morelos-Ottenborn

Designer, Business Owner

Executive Coaching Chicago Illinois