Our Founder, Stephanie Klein

Stephanie’s experience as a 3x Chief Marketing Officer in Fortune 500 firms helps her understand the challenges and stress of leading through uncertainty, crisis and organizational change.  As a new CMO in 2008, she led her global team through the financial crisis.  When she came up for air several years later, she was diagnosed with life threatening breast cancer that opened her awareness to the toll her stressful life was taking on her body, mind and spirit. She realized self compassion and mindfulness were critical for her healing journey, while opening her up to be a more vulnerable and connected leader, mother, partner and friend.  

After leading through the joy and tribulations of a transformative acquisition in 2017, she realized it was time for her to walk away and pursue a more meaningful second act.  She began a journey of education and growth that led her to become a Certified Search Inside Yourself Instructor, Executive Coach, Speaker and author.  Her book “Mindfire:  Rising to the Right Side of Wrong”, will be published in 2021 – about how what’s wrong can open us up to what’s right and alter our trajectories in powerful ways.  

She is passionate about empowering women and professionals to transform and rise through transitions, realizing the power of choice to lower stress and create more impact with less pain. She is thrilled to see the positive effects ripple across organizations and communities. 


A Few of our Clients:

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