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Our Founder, Stephanie Klein

Stephanie’s experience as a 3x Chief Marketing Officer in Fortune 500 firms helps her understand the challenges and stress of leading through uncertainty, crisis and organizational change.  As a new CMO in 2008, she led her global team through the financial crisis.  When she came up for air several years later, she was diagnosed with life threatening breast cancer that opened her awareness to the toll her stressful life was taking on her body, mind and spirit. She realized self compassion, mindfulness and balance were critical for her healing journey, while opening her up to be a more vulnerable and connected leader, mother, partner and friend.  

After leading through the joy and tribulations of a transformative acquisition in 2017, she realized it was time for her to walk away and pursue a more meaningful second act.  She began a journey of education and growth that led her to become a Certified Search Inside Yourself Instructor, Executive Coach, Speaker, Author and Creator of Mindful Leadership for the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.  Her disruptive story of leaving the C-suite will be published in the anthology, “Turning Point Moments:  True Inspirational Stories About Creating a Life that Works for You” (June 2022).  Her book “Shining Through Disruption:  9 Leadership Mindsets to Embrace Change, Ignite Potential and Accelerate Extraordinary Success“, will be published in 2024.  

As an Executive Coach, Positive Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Educator, Speaker, and Author, she is passionate about empowering elite professionals to thrive through change.  She helps them bravely embrace their authenticity, learn to adapt with choice, and stretch with confidence and compassion, so they optimize performance and wellbeing — building the mental resilience to shift from burnout to balance.  What lights her up is seeing how inner transformation creates positive outer change, with myriad ripple effects across relationships, organizations, communities and our world. 




#19 Stephanie Klein: Mindful Mastery – Waking Up on the Right Side of Wrong

On this episode, we chat with Stephanie about her upcoming 2021 book, “Waking up on the Right Side of Wrong” and what Mindfire Mastery is all about.  Stephanie shares insights gleaned through her toughest life transitions which led to her become a leadership coach who empowers leaders through change.

A Few of our Clients:

Stephanie Klein
Stephanie Klein
Stephanie Klein
Stephanie Klein
Stephanie Klein

Teams saw Immediate Gains in Focus and Being Present in Work and Life 

Stephanie is an amazing facilitator and a masterful instructor who has walked in our shoes and is able to bring mindful leadership into our organization in a credible and accessible way. Our teams loved her delivery methods and received immediate gains to stay more focused, present and grounded in work and in life, with 100% saying they’d recommend the course to colleagues.

Char Bennington

Director, Employee Development, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Perfect Antidote to Today’s Troubling Times 

Stephanie can credibly and practically translate how to lead through transitions with progressive techniques that resonate - along with the science behind it. In our case, we had the added bonus of Stephanie having walked in our shoes and I appreciate and trust her. Her calming and consultative approach is the perfect antidote to today’s troubling times.

Pat Scanlon

Managing Director, Corporate Financial Group

Bridges the Gap between Business and Mindfulness with Instant Credibility 

Stephanie Klein is an incredible leadership coach, facilitator and consultant. She is unique in that she bridges the gap between business and mindfulness, allowing our students to see the applicability of mindfulness to their leadership practice, their wellbeing, and their careers. Her lived experience as a business leader, leadership coach, and mindfulness practitioner make her instantly credible, regardless of audience.

Carrie Lydon

Director, Student Wellness, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business