Next Level Leadership

Begins with Disrupting

Your Mind.  


We build the mental resilience to shift from

burnout to balance, so leaders shine with authentic

brilliance and optimize impact, relationships & wellbeing.    




Next Level Leadership Begins with Disrupting Your Mind.  

We build the mental resilience to shift from burnout to balance, so leaders shine with authentic brilliance and optimize impact, relationships & wellbeing.  



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Our Services

Mindfire Mastery

Keynotes & Workshops

We offer virtual or on-site interactive keynotes and workshops to inspire and educate your organization and teams to thrive through change.  Sample topics include “Search Inside Yourself”, “Mental Mastery”, “Purposeful Resilience and “Mindful Focus”.  Learn how to harness more cultural mind power to improve performance, relationships and wellbeing, accelerating growth into the future.

Mindfire Mastery

Leadership Training

We deliver transformational experiences which cover the empirically based skill sets of emotional and positive intelligence, all of which are immediately practical and accessible with measurable, observable results, including the Google born Search Inside Yourself (SIY) program, Positive Intelligence (PQ) program, and individual and group coaching for lasting change.

Mindfire Mastery

Coaching & Assessments

We partner in ​Executive coaching and group coaching programs to create supportive yet challenging environments that meet you where you are, so you can accelerate or pivot confidently to your desired outcome.  We begin Executive Coaching with the unique Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment to illuminate barriers, so you can catapult quickly from functional to optimal.

From burnout to balance with CPR – Clarity, Purpose, Resilience – so you confidently flourish.

Meet Stephanie Klein

“Unleashing my power to choose less stress & more purpose has changed the trajectory of my life.”

I founded Mindfire Mastery to help high achieving leaders control the power of mind and the fire of purpose to catapult from functional to optimal, breaking through the status quo to lead with balance.

I have three decades experience leading through crisis and complex organizational change, rising to Chief Marketing Officer at multiple Fortune 500 companies.  I’ve learned the power of disruption to wake us up to greater potential and now serve as an executive coach, leadership trainer, keynote speaker and author. I am privileged to frequently partner with my alma mater, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, where I teach my Mindful Leadership course to help executives increase their emotional intelligence and maximize potential.

Mindfire Mastery

A Few of our Clients:

Mindfire Mastery
Mindfire Mastery
Mindfire Mastery
Mindfire Mastery

Teams saw Immediate Gains in Focus and Being Present in Work and Life 

Stephanie is an amazing facilitator and a masterful instructor who has walked in our shoes and is able to bring mindful leadership into our organization in a credible and accessible way. Our teams loved her delivery methods and received immediate gains to stay more focused, present and grounded in work and in life, with 100% saying they’d recommend the course to colleagues.

Char Bennington

Director, Employee Development, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Perfect Antidote to Today’s Troubling Times 

Stephanie can credibly and practically translate how to lead through transitions with progressive techniques that resonate - along with the science behind it. In our case, we had the added bonus of Stephanie having walked in our shoes and I appreciate and trust her. Her calming and consultative approach is the perfect antidote to today’s troubling times.

Pat Scanlon

Managing Director, Corporate Financial Group

Bridges the Gap between Business and Mindfulness with Instant Credibility 

Stephanie Klein is an incredible leadership coach, facilitator and consultant. She is unique in that she bridges the gap between business and mindfulness, allowing our students to see the applicability of mindfulness to their leadership practice, their wellbeing, and their careers. Her lived experience as a business leader, leadership coach, and mindfulness practitioner make her instantly credible, regardless of audience.

Carrie Lydon

Director, Student Wellness, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

A Taste of our Resilience Resources


Build Resilience in Business with Mindfulness

In this Horsesmouth Live broadcast, we discussed and practiced how to strengthen your resilience muscles to bounce forward in challenging times.   Stephanie Klein, MBA, CPC, ELI-MP of Mindfire Mastery, shares the superpowers for doing this and why it’s so important.  She also leads us through a beautiful compassion meditation.